Question of Desperation – Kurunthokai 156

Brahmins were respected for their negotiation skill during Sangam age and were valued as messengers.  There is a puram poem where a Brahmin stopped war just thorugh his negotiation. He our hero who is full of love asks Brahmin messenger a crazy question. After all love makes a person crazy.

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Don’t beg as a crowd – Palamozhi Naanooru

Proverb which would fit for the current situation. —————————————————————————————————— Follow Karka Nirka Blog in Facebook – Twitter – —————————————————————————————————— மறாஅதவனும், பலர் ஒன்று இரந்தால், பெறாஅஅன் பேதுறுதல் எண்ணி, பொறாஅன், கரந்து உள்ளதூஉம் மறைக்கும்; அதனால், இரந்து ஊட்குப் பன்மையோ தீது 384. Even the person who doesn’t deny, when many come begging for the same, Thinking of the bewilderment of those... Continue Reading →

Yavanar Lamps – Anna Villaku , Paavai Vilakku

Every time I tell any of my friends that Kuthu villaku is probably imported from Greece or Rome, they give me a surprising look.  Lighting Swan lamp, Anna villaku has become an Indian tradition.  Be it starting a new store or hosting an international dignitary, it starts with lighting the swan lamp. But these Swan lamps were very popular imports from Greece and Rome. Sangam Literature has reference to these imports...

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Earliest reference of Krishna stealing clothes of Gopikas – Akam 59

Reading Sangam literature can always throw you some pleasant surprises. This is one of such surprise. Krishna stealing Gopika's dress while they were bathing in Yamuna, is absent in any of Sanskrit litertaure before 5th century and the earliest available literature for the theme is available only in Sangam literature. Below lines for Agananooru are the earliest available lines on this motif.

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